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Reskilling for Dx and Ai is now becoming active in Japan. For years, Japan has been perceived as trailing behind European, American, and Chinese giants in the exhilarating realm of digital transformation (DX).

But hold onto your seats, because a seismic shift is shaking up the Japanese corporate landscape as DX and AI finally gain traction.

In a world where digitization infiltrates every nook and cranny of production resources, companies are compelled to overhaul their very core through the power of DX. And guess what?

They’re on the hunt for trailblazers who possess the coveted skills of DX and AI, ready to spearhead this revolution.

As innovation’s tidal wave surges through the archipelago, the crucial task of adapting human resource management and labor relations to the DX realm takes center stage.

Today, we embark on an exhilarating expedition into the current landscape, diving deep into the art of attracting top talent and fostering robust communication channels within the workforce. Buckle up and get ready to witness Japan’s audacious quest to unleash the boundless potential of DX and AI.

Attracting and training workers for DX and Ai

Revamping the Workforce: Reskilling for the Digital Age

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Study Group for Acceleration of Digital Transformation has sounded the alarm, proclaiming the urgent need for society to adjust its relearning structure.

As the world rapidly evolves, individuals must stay attuned to the ever-changing landscape surrounding them. Enter the critical concept of “reskilling.”

Unlike the traditional notion of lifelong learning, reskilling takes center stage in envisioning the future of human resource development.

It’s not just about continuous learning throughout one’s life; it’s about acquiring advanced professional competencies in the wake of the digital technology and AI revolution.

In simpler terms, reskilling involves equipping oneself with the necessary skills to thrive in the face of monumental shifts, preparing individuals for both today’s jobs and the exciting new opportunities of tomorrow.

The call to action is clear: we must revamp our workforce, arming them with the expertise to navigate the seismic transformations that lie ahead. Stay tuned as we explore the intricate world of reskilling, unlocking the potential to thrive in the digital age.

Unlocking the Reskilling Revolution:

Individuals Ready, Companies Catching Up

Persol Career, the leading platform for job changers, has unveiled eye-opening insights from their groundbreaking “Survey on Reskilling (Relearning)” in 2020. Brace yourself for a reskilling rollercoaster!

According to the survey, a staggering 89.5% of respondents expressed a strong interest in reskilling. The numbers speak for themselves: 60% are actively engaged in training, while an additional 29.5% have set their sights on future reskilling endeavors. The appetite for growth is palpable.

However, the reskilling landscape at the company level paints a slightly different picture. Only 38.0% of companies claimed to be actively promoting reskilling at present, yet an encouraging 44.5% are gearing up to implement reskilling initiatives in the near future.

When combined, these figures exceed 80%, suggesting a promising shift towards building reskilling-friendly environments within organizations.

Digging deeper, the survey shed light on the motivations behind reskilling. Unanimously, both individuals (47.5%) and companies (61.8%) emphasized the desire to improve skills as the top priority.

However, the paths diverge when it comes to the second-ranked reason and beyond. For many individuals, elevating their personal market value before switching jobs (36.7%) takes precedence, while companies have a broader spectrum of motives.

The data speaks volumes

reskilling with data

The reskilling revolution is in full swing. Individuals are taking charge of their professional growth, and companies are gradually recognizing the need to adapt and foster an environment conducive to reskilling.

Get ready to witness the transformative power and benefits of reskilling as individuals and organizations embark on a shared journey towards success.

(Source: Persol Career Survey on Reskilling (Relearning), 2020)

Reskilling Realities: Bridging the Gap between Individuals and Companies

The findings are in, and they reveal a complex reskilling landscape with its fair share of challenges. Brace yourself for a tale of differing perspectives and aspirations!

Both individuals and companies grapple with time constraints (individuals: 37.5%, companies: 6.8%) and staying motivated (individuals: 30.0%, companies: 42.1%). However, the divide becomes stark when it comes to reskilling costs.

While individuals lament the financial burden (38.3%), companies rank it fifth (22.4%) on their list of concerns. It’s crystal clear that individuals and companies perceive reskilling through contrasting lenses.

Striking disparities

reskilling in Japan

Underline the divergent expectations and preferences of individuals and companies. Organizations prioritize nurturing talent from within, viewing training as an internal resource development strategy.

Conversely, individuals perceive reskilling as a means to gain an edge during job transitions. The gap between these perspectives necessitates macroeconomic policies that align with the interests of both parties, bridging the divide and promoting advanced professional skill development.

Historically, Japanese companies have weathered technological storms by honing their in-house human resources. However, to navigate the current technological revolution fueled by DX and AI, our society must undergo systemic changes in training practices. Simultaneously, companies must enhance their upskilling efforts for employees.

This calls for strategic choices from the three pillars of labor relations—the government, workers, and employers—each pursuing their own interests in bolstering staff development and fostering social systems for long-term gains.

Subsequently, it becomes imperative for the government, workers, and employers to engage in meaningful policy discussions and coordinated action.

Let the dialogue commence as we forge a path toward harmonious reskilling endeavors, propelling both individuals and companies towards a future of unprecedented growth.

Unlocking Japan’s Reskilling Renaissance:

Aihub Academy Leads the Way

In the face of the reskilling shortage conundrum, behold the beacon of hope—Aihub Academy, a transformative education and training platform. Here’s why it reigns supreme as the ultimate choice for DX and AI skills:

Enter a realm where companies, governments, and workers converge to acquire certified courses and training programs tailored specifically to the demands of the digital age.

Aihub Academy empowers individuals to unleash their potential through precise skill application and expert-led instruction from seasoned professionals.

With Aihub Academy at the helm

reskilling for japan

Japanese workers, companies, and governments can effortlessly bridge the reskilling gap. Seamlessly blending theory and practice, this platform equips learners with the precise competencies required to thrive in the emerging AI revolution.

As the industry takes shape, Aihub Academy ensures that current workers seize the opportunity to reskill, propelling them into the forefront of this monumental shift.

Why choose Aihub Academy, you ask? Well, they’ve meticulously curated a roster of experienced instructors, each a master in their respective field. By harnessing their expertise and leveraging the right skills and training, Japanese professionals can meet the imminent demands of future employment head-on.

Embrace the dawn of the AI revolution and prepare for a reskilling renaissance like no other. Aihub Academy stands ready to usher workers, companies, and governments into a new era of excellence, where reskilling becomes the cornerstone of sustainable success.

Join the movement. Choose Aihub Academy and unlock your limitless potential

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