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Training to advance the local regions

Ai Hubs for Business

Ai Hubs
Local City Wards and Corporations

Ai Hubs

AiHubs is a new innovation to provide designated DX and Ai training courses designed to introduce Ai education and training tools to local governments and corporations

AiHubs are Japan’s first Ai training centers to offer in person and online video courses to local city wards and corporations for a fixed price in Japan. 

AiHubs offers flat-rate unlimited learning programs that offers in person and online Ai courses carefully selected for companies and local city ward offices directly from our Ai Hub Academy Platform.

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including IT basics, DX promotion, data utilization, operational efficiency, and Ai  ChatGPT programming. We also prepare original courses for administration usage for local governments requirements.

Support System

We have established a system where our team can follow up from consultation during service use to verification of the effects after learning.

As a strategic learning partner of local governments, AiHubs has put in place a system in which our team coordinators in charge can provide thorough follow-up, from consulting on how to use the system and learning curriculum to verifying the effects after learning.

In order for learners to continue to learn effectively Ai Hubs training centers can either send qualified instructors or provide online training programs via zoom  autonomously to realize the required outcomes for local governments and corporations.

Ai Hub

Human resource development for local SMEs

Collaborating with local governments to provide an environment for local companies to learn

As the digitalization of society accelerates, local companies are also required to promote DX and change their business format, and it is an urgent task to develop human resources who can respond. In cooperation with local governments, we aim to support the learning of employees of small and medium-sized enterprises and revitalize local businesses.

Reskilling of local human resources

Providing learning opportunities tailored to the needs of job seekers

In recent years, the skills required to find a job have diversified, and local governments with close ties to local communities are increasingly providing support by acting as an intermediary between companies and job seekers. Together with local governments, we provide a wide range of learning opportunities that meet the needs of each job seeker.

DX human resource development within local governments

Create an environment where staff can acquire DX skills, and support the promotion of DX in local governments and the development of digital human resources

As DX progresses rapidly, local governments are also required to change. Through AiHubs Business, we will not only implement DX as a means, but also design services from the perspective of residents, asking “What should be provided?” I'm in.

New business opportunities

By developing Ai and DX skills local governments can open up new business opportunities and increase revenue for the prefecture.

Attracting new businesses to the local area requires staff to be able to communicate and understand the needs of new companies requirements in an efficient and timely manner, by having staff trained in DX and AI will provide confidence and ability to develop new opportunities never thought possible before.