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Discover Amazing Ai Courses Focusing on brilliance, quality and creativity.

Introduction to ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT. Discover best practices for writing prompts and explore common business use cases for the powerful AI tool.

Ai Fundamentals

Understand the definition of AI ( “general” and “narrow”), the relationship between AI and Machine Learning, and will the robots take over the world - soon?

Understanding Machine Learning

In this non-technical course, you’ll learn everything you’ve been too afraid to ask about machine learning. There’s no coding required.

Deep Learning & Beyond

Learn about deep learning, create your first neural networks, and train a model to recognize digits.
Create amazing Ai generated images

Choose from 100s of Ai courses to Empower Organizations and Individuals

Generative Ai courses, start, or advance your career with Ai specific courses, gain professional certificates, and degrees from world-class instructors for all levels.

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Midjourney image generation

Ai and Dx modules and Workshops.


Course certification and Awards.

Ai Hub Academy FAQs

No! We have Ai and Dx courses for everyone.

We specialize in Artificial education training and can help a wide range of of students from beginners to experts. Anyone interested in Ai can enrol in our courses to learn new skills.

AII of our courses, workshops and projects can be completed in the classroom or from the comfort of your home with your own computer, so u dont need to install any new software or hardware. 

We are a specialized platform focussing on training courses for Ai and DX we supply highly qualified instructors to fill your skill gaps.

We help to solve real world problems using new courses that reflect today’s working requirements.

Visit our Courses page to find out more.

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